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Kid Finders Network, Inc.
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West Palm Beach, Fl.
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Suite. 106
Orlando, Fl.  32827
1-877-One Lost
Phone: 1-877-663-5678
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Did you know?
While you read this page and listened to this song there were six children reported missing in the United states.

Welcome to Kid Finders Network

 Please let us introduce our organization, mission, and some of the services we provide to others. Reuniting kids with families that are missing, runaways or cold cases that need closure. We provide assistance with Mobile Billboards as A "Visual Aid"  In The Recovery  Of Missing Children.

  Putting a missing Child's face on a billboard is never easy but, it is one of the most effective ways to make the public aware of what's happening. It can make a huge difference in increasing the chances of finding them unharmed, reuniting them with family and catching the individual responsible. Let's take these predators off our streets and give families of these crimes the closure they so desperately need.

Are you aware?    What's new?
  • 2,140 children are reported missing in the U.S. daily.
  • Over 1.3 million U.S. children runaway annually.
  • 1 in 6 children are recovered as result of a photo.
  • Chances of a child being sexually assaulted are:
    • - 1 in 6 for boys
    • - 1 in 3 for girls

Safety in a FLASH
- When every second counts -

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That's exactly why the need of services like ours is so great and the delivery of these services is so important. If we all join together we can make a difference but, without the help and support from many Major Sponsors and volunteers it's almost impossible to give support to every Child in need. Kid Finders Network is an organization that won't turn down a missing child based on the families race, religion, or ability to pay.

Our billboards are a free service to all organizations needing to find a Child, whether Abducted, Lost or a Runaway. We have experience in placing mobile billboards in areas where a Child is missing or thought to be. It is our Mission to never let people stop searching till we are able to locate them.

We are committed to continue growing until we can cover the entire United States. The first 24 hours is the most critical time when a Child goes missing. With our type of service it allows us to be on the front line for immediate coverage until other types of media coverage are in place to continue the search. Such as Standard billboards, posters which could take weeks to set up but, with our service it can happen within a day.

We have carefully selected a Board of Directors, whose only concern is for the safety of all Children and to make our Mission Statement and Goals happen.

If you would like to make a difference and want to volunteer or make a Donation, please let us know.

Our Accomplishments

  We have provided Numerous Billboards throughout the Southeast U.S. in the past year as well as attending events. We even had the honor of attending the Florida Missing Children’s Day at the Capital in Tallahassee, Fl.  We have grown from one fingerprinting station to four state of the art digital stations. We have provided several thousand fingerprints and ID cards to families that may not have been able to afford them, at no charge.  We also provided Web-sites to families of Missing Children so the public may be aware that this child is still missing.  We have linked these sites to other missing person sites to help spread the word through a global network.  All of our services are free and made possible by donations from the public. Kid Finders Network receives no government grants. So if you're amazed at what a small group of volunteers have accomplished in a short time,  Please pass our name along to everyone you know by asking them to support our programs by either donating or volunteering, so we can accomplish even more as we grow this coming year and help us continue to reach our Ultimate Goal. 

What Is Family Abduction?

  Family abduction happens when a family member, usually a parent, kidnaps and conceals a child for any length of time. It is a serious crime that happens to over 203,000 families a year and yet it is not even considered a felony in every state. The emotional, psychological and physical impact on children is often so significant that family abduction is considered a form of child endangerment.

While education is the first step to take on this national problem, we've also got some great next steps you can take to protect kids from the trauma of family abduction by telling your legislators to help pass laws that will help prevent family abductions across the country

       Five Things You Might Not Know About Family Abductions

  1. Each year, over 203,000 children (78% of all missing children!) in the U.S. are abducted by a family member, usually a parent.
  2. The biggest motive for family abduction is revenge against another parent, not the child's safety.
  3. More than half of abducting parents have a history of violent behavior, a criminal record, or a substance abuse problem.
  4. Children abducted by family members often suffer severe lifelong emotional and psychological damage.
  5. Nearly 70% of law enforcement agencies do not have a written policy on how to respond to a family abduction..




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